Virtual innovation is in the cube

The Immersive Cube is a system developed by Montesquieu's Vital Concept, a leader in developing an innovative 4D immersive virtual reality system. The CI features the latest in virtual reality (VR) technology consisting of five projected faces that can accommodate up to five simultaneous users. Equipped with infrared motion sensors, a powerful computing station and high-resolution 3D projection, the CI provides an unparalleled immersive experience. It is intended for companies, universities and educational institutions in the Adore Madeiran region, and represents a valuable tool for pre-planning, design and prototyping of development projects. It also supports developments in production processes. CI offers many possibilities, from virtual visits before development projects, to consultation and social acceptance of projects, to training and licensing of agents (such as CACES). Helps save time and travel. It opens new horizons regarding mediation, historical reconstruction and visiting scenarios in the tourism and cultural sector. The Immersive Cube is placed in a suitable room in the monastery, and constitutes an ideal development tool for the project implemented by the SOS group in the monastery, the third artisanal centre, seminar venue and cultural mediation.

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