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The pandemic forced businesses to find solutions to survive, which is how Click & Connect was born. But now, the competition is tough, in order to have an impact on the Internet you have to stand out. However, extremely complex and expensive tools are now available, and this is the case with 360-degree technology.

Encouraged by Stéphane Caby, founder of the Pictopagina web agency, various stores in Gourdonnais have taken the plunge and already have a 360-degree virtual tour.

Stéphane Caby explains how it works: “Not long ago, heavy equipment was needed to conduct 360-degree virtual tours. Nowadays, the equipment is light and the shots are fast. Then specific programs then collect these photos or videos and thus, We could consider placing these visits on Google-Street-View, the first contact considered, on networks or the website.

Take, for example, real estate agencies. Immersive video clips, images and sounds, such as visiting a house for sale by a real estate consultant, can be produced in a live 360-degree video, allowing future buyers to receive relevant information about the property visited. These hits can be viewed using a VR (virtual reality) headset.

We are only at the very beginning of the potential this technology offers. These 360-degree visits can be seen as a major asset in corporate communication, shops, etc. “

Stephan Cappy, tel. 06 15 02 08 03, Location: visite360degres.com And the pictopagina.com

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