Virtual Reality: Apple would ask Dan Riccio to focus on his virtual reality glasses

Apple recently announced that it entrusted Dan Riccio with “ New role focused on new project and reporting to CEO Tim Cook According to information received from
Bloomberg, The engineer has been assigned to focus on future virtual reality and augmented reality equipment.

Dan Riccio was a former head of the Hardware Engineering teams and has been at Apple since 1998. According to his career resume, he has beenA leader in the design, development and engineering of nearly all Apple products Since the first generation of iMac. His recent projects include the iPhone 12 lineup that supports 5G, new Macs based on M1 processors, and new AirPods Max headphones.

However, according to Bloomberg, Dan Riccio was already working on these virtual and augmented reality headphone projects, but he’s now going to dedicate himself to it. ” Full time The article states that Apple Vice President Mike Rockwell remains responsible for the day-to-day management of the project, with More than a thousand engineers “Dedicated.

The latest rumors about Apple’s supposed virtual reality headset point to a very high-end $ 3,000 mode, with an 8K screen, spatial audio, gaze detection, and hand tracking using dozens of cameras. Bloomberg last month discussed its launch in 2022.

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An article from adapted from CNETFrance

Photo: James Martin / Cnet

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