Virtual Reality Beginners Guide: Introduction to Virtual Reality and Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual reality, also known as VR, is a simulated environment entirely generated by the computer, which gives users the feeling of being immersed in their surroundings. To do this, users must use a virtual reality headset which is usually paired with a controller for each hand. Some headsets also use cameras that can be placed around the room to allow users to walk around without bumping into each other.

Although it may seem like a futuristic concept, playing in virtual reality is as popular as playing on a console. Users can jump into a game without any experience or expensive hardware. For this reason, we wanted to create a VR beginner’s guide filled with everything you need to know about the platform to get started!

VR headsets for beginners

Finding ways to enter the worlds of virtual reality is easier than ever these days. You can go to most retailers and buy a headset with little or no configuration. Out of all the headphones available, we have created a list of the 3 best headphones for beginners.

Meta Quest 2

Image via Oculus

The Meta Quest 2 (originally Oculus Quest 2) is a great introductory headset. Although this is the most expensive helmet on this list, it is without a doubt the most versatile. The headset is completely wireless with a variety of playable games that can also be connected to a computer via a USB-C cable. Given that, you can connect it to platforms like Stream VR to play more intense games as well. Both controllers are incredibly comfortable in the hand, and the headset itself can be adjusted for a more comfortable and immersive experience.

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To play games on the platform, you need to link your Facebook account, which is a weak point for some users. However, once you sign in, you get access to a plethora of apps that can be used for things outside of gaming, including Netflix.

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Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

The PSVR is a great VR headset for users who already own a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 at home. This headset is a bit pricey and only comes wired, but offers everything you need right out of the box. The box includes a convenient controller for each hand and the necessary camera . Since it was available a few years ago, the library of games has become very extensive and is growing even more with the release of PSVR 2. There are also many exclusive games that can be played with PSVR only. If you are a fan of accessories, the device also contains several adapters for consoles that have been developed to further integrate players into their games.

This headset cannot be used on a computer, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Google Daydream

image via google

Google Daydream is the cheapest VR headset on this list, but for good reason. This headset can only be used with mobile phones to enjoy immersive experiences or less intense mobile gaming. It comes with a companion app that you can install on your phone before inserting it into the slot to use as a VR monitor. An additional remote can be used to control the app to do a variety of things like playing games and scrolling through streaming services. Since you’re using your phone, this speaker is completely wireless.

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The headset itself doubles as a stand so you can store the remote control and take it with you wherever you go.

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Introduction to Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Reality

Even if you already know which headset you want to get, we’re sure you still have some questions.

Will I suffer from motion sickness?

It is quite possible. Modern technology has made VR games have more natural movement, but some user fields of vision, or FOV, can still be triggered. The black borders provided in the eye sockets of most VR headsets help bring you closer to these worlds, making you less likely to get sick.

Do I need a lot of space to play virtual reality?

There are plenty of games that require you to move around, but there are plenty of others that don’t. Some games are interactive experiences that only require moving your head or moving your arms. However, there are many games like Gorilla Tag that require you a little more space to prevent you from bumping into each other.

Are all VR games really touching experiences?

not at all. There are many incredibly interactive and immersive games. In fact, you can play Skyrim or Fallout 4 now in VR if you want to. However, there are plenty of games out there that offer impactful experiences, if that’s what you love.

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