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After the pyramids, it's time for the dinosaurs. Eclipso, located in the center of Bordeaux (19, rue Saint-Sernin), offers you a new virtual reality visit to the world of the extinct dinosaurs. An expedition as fascinating as the pyramids, which will start on June 21, get ready for an immersive journey among the dinosaurs.

Next June 21stBordeaux will become the scene ofA unique immersive experience in virtual reality : “The Disappearing Worlds.” This new activity offers you the opportunity to travel through time and discover Evolution of the planet and living organisms. Using a virtual reality headset, visitors will be able to explore fascinating periods of events Earth history And encounter amazing creatures.

A unique and immersive virtual reality exploration of Bordeaux

Discover the history of biology

“Vanishing Worlds” presents an extraordinary adventure that begins several billion years ago. Using virtual reality, participants can admire extinct landscapes and encounter impressive species, such as huge centipedes, marine reptiles and dinosaurs. This immersive expedition is designed to provide a fun and educational experience at the same time.

Journey through the ages

For 45 minutes, let yourself be swept away by the richness and beauty of life through the ages. From the depths of the oceans to the tropical forests, this adventure will take you through the great geological eras. You will discover the first traces of life from the Archaean period (3.5 billion years ago), the emergence of animal life in the Cambrian period (520 million years ago), and the majestic Cretaceous dinosaurs (67 million years ago). ), and the emergence of the human lineage (between -100,000 and -60,000 years ago).

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Virtual Reality Baby Dinosaur Picnic Idea

Guided by young virtual researcher Charlie and her robot Darwin, you and your group will be able to get up close and personal with the various species that have inhabited the Earth. Who will dare to face the terrifying dinosaur?

Fun and educational experience

Discover hidden worlds

Lost Worlds is designed to be an immersive, yet educational experience. This exploratory journey takes you through carefully recreated environments, based on accurate scientific data. Each step of your virtual journey is enriched with expert-verified information, ensuring an experience that is as educational as it is fun.

Virtual Reality Baby Dinosaur Picnic IdeaVirtual Reality Baby Dinosaur Picnic Idea

Scientifically rigorous content

This immersive expedition is the result of a collaboration between Excurio and the National Museum of Natural History. Paleontologists, paleobotanists, evolutionary specialists and bioacoustics experts contributed to the project’s development. They were involved in scriptwriting, 3D production and the creation of the graphic and audio worlds. This scientific rigor ensures that all information provided is accurate and verified.

Virtual Reality in Bordeaux: why choose “Mondes Disparus”?

An immersive and enriching experience

Disappeared Worlds features an immersive approach that combines entertainment and education. Using virtual reality, visitors can explore extinct environments and interact with prehistoric creatures in a new way. This combination of fun and educational elements makes it an ideal activity for families, school groups, and all natural history enthusiasts.

Virtual Reality Baby Burgundy Dinosaur Picnic IdeaVirtual Reality Baby Burgundy Dinosaur Picnic Idea

Virtual reality in the service of education

This activity is not just entertainment; It also provides a great educational opportunity. The information is presented in an engaging and accessible way, allowing visitors to better understand the evolution of life on Earth. Based on rigorous scientific data, “Mondes Disparus” provides high-quality educational content available to everyone.

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Book your virtual reality adventure in Bordeaux

Practical information and ticket booking

To take part in this immersive expedition, go to our ticket site now to book your tickets. Since places are limited, it is recommended to book in advance to ensure your participation in this unique experience.

Virtual Reality Baby Burgundy Dinosaur Picnic IdeaVirtual Reality Baby Dinosaur Picnic Idea

Tables and prices

“Disappearing Worlds” will be open to the public from June 21. Virtual reality sessions will last 45 minutes and will take place throughout the day. Visit our website for detailed schedules and prices. Discounts are available for groups and schools.

Access and communication

The “Disappearing Worlds” activity will take place in Bordeaux, in a space specially designed to ensure full and safe immersion. For more information on access and any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our website or social media.

Virtual reality baby burgundy picnic idea Virtual reality baby burgundy picnic idea

Discover Bordeaux differently with virtual reality

An experience for all ages.

“Lost Worlds” is an activity designed for all ages. Whether you're with family, friends or a school group, this immersive adventure provides a rich and entertaining experience. Young visitors will especially be fascinated by interacting with prehistoric creatures and realistic environments.

Bordeaux: City of Innovation

Bordeaux is known for its dynamism and commitment to innovation. With “Disappearing Worlds,” the city adds a new string to its arc by offering an activity that combines cutting-edge technology with education. This initiative is part of Bordeaux's desire to become a reference center for immersive experiences and virtual reality.

Virtual reality is growing in Bordeaux, offering immersive and innovative experiences that appeal to a wide audience. This technology allows residents and visitors to immerse themselves in fascinating virtual worlds that combine entertainment and education. Specialized centers and events such as “Mondes Disparus” demonstrate Bordeaux’s commitment to technological innovation, positioning the city as a leader in virtual reality in France.

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Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover the history of life on Earth through an immersive virtual reality experience in Bordeaux. “Hidden Worlds” promises you a fascinating journey through the ages, combining scientific discovery and entertainment. Book your ticket now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

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