Never Say Never, the name of this big PlayStation exclusive is back on the table, will we finally get a new episode?

Game news Never Say Never, the name of this big PlayStation exclusive is back on the table, will we finally get a new episode?

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Days Gone's former directors don't all agree on the possibility of a return to the license…

Days gone 2? Always no?

Years go by and hope for a Days Gone sequel remains, at least in the minds of the more optimistic. Original creative director John Garvin falls into this category, while others, like former game director Jeff Ross, are more pessimistic. Via Twitter, Garvin encouraged fans to “never say never” about the possibility of a Days Gone 2, Reminding anyone who will listen that the full synopsis was already ready before he left Bend Studio in 2020.He even suggested that Sony reassign the team to work on the project.

Never say never… Sony management might change their mind and bring me and JakeRocket back for a sequel.
To make a sequel…I'm not holding my breath…but I have to say I had a complete plan for the sequel, a world map, expanded game, all done.

On the other hand, Ross seems to have completely lost hopeThe director previously tweeted a set of PlayStation characters without Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John, and interpreted the image as a sign that Sony has no interest in a sequel. “A lot of people keep asking me if there will be a Days Gone sequel, so I present to you this poster as proof that it will never happen,” he says, also confirming that Sony Interactive Entertainment co-CEO Hermen Holst has never been a big fan of the license.

A lot of people keep asking me if there will be a sequel to Days Gone, so I offer this poster as proof that it will never happen. Sony executives like Hermen have never been fans of it, so you won’t hear about it at PlayStation State of Play, now or ever.

Recall that a petition with more than 210,000 signatures has been launched in support of a sequel project to Days Gone. Unfortunately, Bend Studio is currently working on another project, as indicated by job postings suggesting a new online game. Note that the Days Gone movie is still on the table.

New IP address for Bend Studio

Back in January, Bend Studio announced that they were working on a new open-world multiplayer IP for PS5, marking their first game in the genre. Some hope it will be an open-world zombie survival game set in the Days Gone universe, based on the latter’s systems. Bend, however, is looking for candidates with experience in service games: “Hands-on game development experience in leadership roles, shipping AAA games directly“, we can read in the advertisement. The desired position is also intended for a person with experience in this “Redefining traditional game development studios that focus on ‘packaged products’ towards live service development studios in a key leadership role.

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