Virtual reality headsets make you forget the pain when treating children at Boulogne-sur-Mer Hospital.

Cesar, 11, immerses himself in virtual reality during treatment at Duchenne Hospital. – Credit: Radio 6

Sebastien Voissell
07:44 – 23 April 2024

It is not always easy for children to undergo injections and other painful treatments in the hospital. To avoid having to sedate, the children's department at Duchenne Hospital has just received a virtual reality headset. Children aged 6 and up are distracted into another world and completely forget about the pain.

Dominique Evrard, a pediatrician and president of the OSE (Objectif Sourires d'Enfants) association that funded the project, sees only advantages:

For about ten minutes, 11-year-old Cesar allows himself to be immersed in a virtual world of scuba diving. Just enough time for a doctor or nurse to treat him:

The virtual reality headset has been marketed since 2016 by Hypnose VR. Damian Dussart, the company's regional director.

The OSE (Objectif Sourires d'Enfants) association funds the project with an amount of up to 2,000 euros per year.

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