Virtual Reality, New Attractions: Renewal of the Adaptation Park

Goats, alpacas, crowned cranes, and now… dinosaurs. On the edge of the Bois de Boulogne for nearly 165 years, the very elegant Jardin d'acclimatation this spring welcomes some rather unexpected residents. In virtual reality of course. Although this new attraction dates visitors back a few million years, it symbolizes the ambitious future of the only Parisian theme park created by Napoleon III. It will be followed, in September, by the Ferris wheel, and then next year, by a brand new roller coaster: The Dragon Will Be Reborn, bigger and more impressive than ever. We announce a reversible platform, unique in Europe, designed by the German manufacturer Gerstlauer with a budget of 12 million euros!

The park's agent, LVMH (also owner reverberation) has already invested more than 80 million euros in it since 2018, in order to make it more attractive. In addition to the renovation or replacement of the attractions, the Grande Aviière and Maison Eugénie were restored. The historic route designed by Barreille Deschamps has been restored. Under the supervision of architect and scenographer Thierry Retief, the attractions have adopted a “steampunk” aesthetic, a post-modern vision of a world inspired by that of Jules Verne.

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