Thomas Pisquet immortalizes Normandy from space in the sun’s rays

French astronaut Thomas Pescet just shared this Tuesday a photo of the Normandy coast in sunlight taken from the International Space Station.

Three days after arriving at the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the Alpha mission, French astronaut Thomas Pescet shared the first snapshot from space. The Normandy never failed to immortalize his motherland.

“The station’s path always goes from west to east: a chance for my country of Normandy, in the sunshine as always (whatever haters say). It opens the ball to photos from orbit!” , The astronaut tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

The Alpha mission is the third such mission for SpaceX since the United States resumed manned spaceflight. With 11 passengers, the International Space Station is currently unusually populated.

As part of this mission, the station crew plans to capture 1.5 million images of the Earth, documenting phenomena such as artificial lighting at night, algal blooms, seabed bursting and the formation of Antarctic ice.

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