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Digital trend: During the world’s largest block dedicated to technological innovation, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which has not just been held in Las Vegas as usual but on the Internet, the Korean multinational LG has presented its novelties through a hypothetical young woman.

Wearing a Hoodies Pink and neon black leggings, she I wrote an article about the Android Surface Disinfectant, then naturally referenced the latest models in the LG Gram PC line. She also shared with her fans in a personal way, just like them, lamenting her inability to travel during the pandemic to advance her singing career.

The icons of major luxury brands have been created by computers for years. Although only present on social networks, they enjoy true star status with hundreds of thousands of followers. But, at CES, this is the first time that the electronics giant has used someone as a spokesperson for such an important event.

My competitors Voice The Chinese are virtual beings

In China last October, the podium iQiyi“Chinese Netflix” ran a talent contest that was watched by tens of millions of viewers online. Dimension NovaReminds us of viewing at a distance the sound There was a difference, the competitors were not body artists, but virtual creatures. On the other hand, their performances were judged by real celebs from the world of music and cinema.

How do we explain this madness of his digital creatures? Liu, 28, explains, “Since you can’t see how they behave in real life, you can project your own fantasies to them.” Bangkok Post. The answer that still leaves us wondering.

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More Technology has its limits. In the first part of the show, one of the contestants was a victim of a bug. Then, the engineers had to intervene to solve the problem head-on, disturbing the audience, rather than arousing sympathy as would be the case, for example, if he had injured himself while being on stage.

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