100% my game coming to the console!

Intense speed island “It hasn’t stopped talking about it since 2018. The video game first developed on mobile features racing cars on Reunion Island roads such as Coastal Road, Harbor, Chodron, Volcano Road or Jamaica Circuit.

Lionel Darié wanted to highlight Reunion in a racing video game that has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on Android and is also available on the Apple Store.

Now, “Speed ​​Intense Island” is leading and landing on home consoles: Xbox and Xbox Series. The creator also announces the game’s arrival on the Playstation Store in the middle of the year.

In addition to the Reunion Island scene, Lionel Dary, attached to his island, wanted to add local music content. One way to promote the maximum aspect of Reunionese culture.

Reunion Island game on the console

It is an event in the history of video games in Reunion. Domestic production has already reached home consoles, thanks to Fantasy Balls by Arnaud Bru, who is also a developer of several mobile applications.

But Lionel Darié, has just put online the first Reunionese game to showcase our island and its landscapes.

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