Virtual reality trains to avoid error

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Frankfurt – Students and staff from Frankfurt University Hospital And the Medical Faculty at Goethe University is learning to quickly identify errors in supply and avoid dangers to patients in the new virtual “error room”.

“With its playful approach, the virtual ‘error room’ is a good way to educate learners from different disciplines about the daily risks of patient safety and bring experiences together without putting patients or themselves at risk,” said Miriam Rossler, Head of the Frankfurt Center.FineST).

This has already developed simulations in the past that help in practicing dangerous situations safely and in a way that is close to everyday life. The pandemic has now exacerbated existing challenges, as learners have less contact with patients and simulations can only be run on a limited scale, particularly in teams.

Participants in the new virtual show will receive virtual reality glasses for training. So it is possible to complete bug training online. For the project, four real clinic rooms were digitally reconstructed after 3D scanning: a normal ward, an emergency room, an operating room, and an intensive care unit.

The initiators developed a patient scenario for each room, consisting of the patient’s past history including past illnesses and current history, and placed ten errors in each case. The latter was determined according to the criteria of the World Health Organization (Who is the) as well as selected according to frequency in the internal reporting system.

“The program can reasonably be used for all health professions at all levels of training and further education, especially in professional teams with different experiences and different awareness of the situation regarding dangerous cases,” Frankfurt said. © hill /

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