Boost your business with a mobile payment terminal

So far, payments have always been in the physical business and ultimately provide little flexibility for those who haven’t had the opportunity to move around, among others.

Even the Internet, which can be an alternative in some cases, remains a tool that many consumers are hesitant to make, whether it is about online payment security, going offline by choice or preferring to see the product before paying. .

Mobile Payment Solution So it becomes a solution. For this reason it seems appropriate to resort to a mobile payment terminal, thus offering a solution when traveling or as part of home deliveries.

Several advantages can be raised for both the merchant and the consumer.

Let’s see some of them below:

Nomadic Payment: The Solution to Many Problems

Pay by mobile payment terminal It offers many advantages to traders. It allows you to collect your payments freely, and it offers an alternative to its customers who face many problems.

to Gain mobility with TPE payment solution To take it with you everywhere, let’s see in which case it can respond to different situations.

Portable Payment Solution!

In the first place is a file Portable Payment Solution, with the TPE station available on his mobile phone. Payment is made via a small box connected to a smartphone to allow payment by credit card.

So it is an easy solution for transportation, that you can take it with you everywhere without a problem. A clear advantage for traders who are invited to travel regularly.

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Response to immobility

Some consumers or customers may not be able to travel for various reasons; Disability, busy schedule, etc. As such, allowing payment at the time of delivery or appointment is a solution that meets many of your customers’ requirements.

Cash out after normal business hours

Working hours can be a burden at times for many reasons; Distance, remote workplace or other restrictions. So it’s a new opportunity that opens up for customers, if you can meet them and thus deliver them at the same time you collect their payment.

Collection of payments at the end of the contract / quotation

As part of the provision of services or for people who play a role in sales, a mobile TPE can become a real vector of conversion. At the end of the appointment, you can finalize a transaction and cash a deposit, for example, see a payment in the framework of a business reception for artisans.

You have a prompt payment guarantee, to avoid potential reminders or banking accidents by paying by check.

Collection of payments at the end of the contract / quotation

In addition, if you are a nomad seller and transport your products with you, you can collect payments instantly and thus save time. By combining this solution with email invoicing, you will ensure your sales services quickly and directly with your customers.

Make sure your groups without crowd restrictions

We can mention several limitations on Classic Payment Solutions In a physical store, but one related to the holiday season or during certain product releases that causes people to rush into stores. This causes traffic jams at checkout, and a crowd of people we don’t necessarily like to run into.

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Here again, the mobile payment terminal will provide a solution that will make it possible to avoid high turnout in stores and numerous queues at checkout. If the customer has all the information before finalizing the purchase, in some cases he just wants to finish the transaction and pay without wasting time.


a mobile payment terminal solution Thus it responds to a large number of issues and helps boost its business by expanding its payment offering.

The ability to take your payment solution with you everywhere and cash it anytime and anywhere remains undeniable advantages for merchants. The same goes for those who are called to bill regularly when traveling.

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