Virtual Vendée Globe Award won by a resident of Drum

Drômeois Jean-Claude Goudon, nicknamed “Tigrou 26120”, took 69 days 22 hours and 16 minutes to tour the world from his living room in Montelier.

On Saturday, its promoters announced that more than 1 million players, a record, took part in the simulation game “Virtual Regatta” on the sidelines of Vendée Globe.
This is the fourth edition of the virtual Vendée Globe in which the top contenders crossed the finish line.

The winner, 65-year-old Frenchman Jean-Claude Godon, nicknamed “Tigrou 26120”, took 69 days, 22 hours and 16 minutes to tour the world from his living room in Montelier (Drum). German Ronnie Jesse (Tornsall II) and French Maxime Thomas (Kerguano) completed the podium.

The game is free and available on computer, mobile and tablet. “The virtual Vendée Globe brings together the international community, it lets you discover sailing and especially ocean races for a wider audience.“, Confirms its creator, Philip Gueney.”Four years ago, during the latest edition of the Vendée Globe, we welcomed 450,000 players. For this new version, we set ourselves a goal of 1 million players and were able to surpass this new achievement.“, Are welcomed.

As for the “real” maritime race, the first competitors, who left Les Sables d’Olonne on November 8, are currently less than 3,500 miles from the end and enduring elements near the “slump” not far from Ecuador.

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The first arrivals are scheduled to arrive in the last week of January.

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