Visit the world’s largest museums from Dorat Cinema with Micro-Folie

The Mona Lisa reaches the drat! It’s this summer’s cultural event in North Haute-Vienne. The town of Dorat welcomes Micro-Folie. This system allows you to visit from the city cinema, numerous works, and a real digital museum.

Visitors are settled in the cinema and can stay for 5 minutes or until the afternoon. Art in photos or videos is scrolled on the screen in very high definition.

Dorat cinema has turned into a digital museum. © Radio France
Thomas Finkler

Using a tablet, the visitor has a unique experience. Thanks to this tool, you can enlarge the table or get additional information as you wish. ‘It’s a great system’Dominic is excited. “We no longer need to go to Paris, or queue up at museums. We see every detail, we even notice some we can’t see in museums.”

Fighting the Rural Divide in Access to Art

Headphones also allow you to go from drawing to drawing in virtual reality. Stefan came with his whole family. I like this experience: “I don’t go to museums often. But this bench visit is interactive. We have more information.” The visit is completely free and this project is funded by the state and the region.

Virtual reality helmets allow you to immerse yourself in the work, the museum of the Dorat cinema.
Virtual reality helmets allow you to immerse yourself in the work, the museum of the Dorat cinema. © Radio France
Thomas Finkler

Christian Jacquier, Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture, is proud of Micro Foley’s arrival at Drat. Micro-Folie has already had great success with Creuse. It landed for the first time in Haute-Vienne. “In our rural communities, children do not always have the opportunity to go on school trips to Paris to visit major museums. Nor can our adults easily go to exhibitions either. This system is a good way to bring back the culture in our societies.”

From the Louvre to the Musée d’Orsay via the Philharmonie de Paris, all these cultural venues have made it possible High definition list of nearly 2000 works. La Micro-Folie is open at the Dorat Cinema on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3pm to 5pm.

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