Return of the canceled Zelda game from Retro with Sheik at Nintendo Gigalik

Elder, as seen on Super Smash Bros. climax (Photo: Nintendo)

In 2020, we shared a story about an ax the legend of zelda Project Metroid Prime Team, Retro Studios.

It was meant to be an action/JRPG game played by The Sheik and was meant to be a story set in the ‘bad ending’ The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Discover the Sheikha’s final journey as Darth Jerudo is “born a hundred years after his birth” by Ganon.

At the time, former Retro Studios artist Sammy Hall, Share the artwork before production, that’s why it’s supposed to be canceled A project in the days of the Wii era. Now, in a small update last year, gigaleak has successfully implemented a new Nintendo document that appears to cement the project’s existence. Here’s the translation, courtesy of game source Editor in Chief:

Speaking to IGN last MayHall stated that he doesn’t think Nintendo has seen many Elder Zelda artwork, and said the project was canceled when former retro pioneers Mark Pacini, Todd Keeler, and Kenan Pearson left the studio.

You can see more of this Sheikh art concept (as well as the canceled project Boo) and learn more about Nintendo’s Gigaleak in our previous stories:

Were you interested in playing a Zelda game involving an old man? Leave a comment below.

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