Vitamina Marie arrives with logo and tools

Civitanova – The administration has allocated an additional 5 thousand euros for the promotion of the summer season

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Advertising campaign “Vitamina Mare” The municipality agrees to allocate 1,500 euros for logo and communication studies for the summer season. While the videos of a summer campaign designed by Civitanova seaside resorts that have been shown in recent weeks and which will be featured in the presence of train driver and biker Vittorio Promote, new resource allocations have been approved by the council. This is the task assigned to it Valentina Askani To create a logo High in vitaminThe logo that accompanies the entire project. The logo will then be rejected in the tools that the management plans to distribute to the operators such as shirts, pins and Promotional materials at an approximate cost of 4 thousand euros. The contribution is an additional allocation of 22,500 € dedicated to Danilo Zampaloni’s Ztl Race, of which 12,500 € for the certification.


Discover “Vitamin Marie”, a video spot for Civitanova

Summer Promote Certificate, Civitanova is “Vitamina Marie” (video)

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