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Activision, through its official blog, announces that it has begun a complete war Cheater of Call of Duty: Warson. The American publisher, in fact, promises that this is already doing a lot, but in the future it will further tighten the links to ensure that all fraudsters are stopped. An admirable commitment, however I do not believe it Fan, Who on social media have decided to take this initiative lightly.

Cheats are not welcome. Call of Duty: Warson opens new blog post with this title. Implementation Reaffirms its commitment to making the game “fun and fair”. The present commitment, but also the future. The publisher, in fact, claims to monitor the game 24/7 for security reasons, in order to detect all possible scams and hacks.

It will also improve the system for reporting fraudsters in the future. The system has already led to more than 50,000 permanent sanctions. Also, more updates will come in the future.

This is the message that all fans want to hear. Too bad about that Reddit The paradox is unleashed with the fact that smiley faces or 50,000 permafans mocking Activision’s 24/7 monitoring function have been converted into 50,000 new accounts in seconds. Without considering those who are barred for no reason.

Slightly extraordinary reaction towards activation: It is true that his Battle Royale has problems, for example, the Infinite Trigger stumble is back on Call of Duty Warson, but I think even a game is no problem when there are so many players to put iron and fire on.

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Veronica Tucker

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