Watching wildlife with a difference: Moose for the living room

Just experiencing wild animals up close from the couch? You can experience exactly that with our Augmented Reality Animals. We have created virtual 3D models of wild animals that the average person will only see in the wild with a lot of luck. With a mobile device, you can now experience the animals up close without disturbing them.

The booster was?

augmented reality (with) The translation means nothing but “augmented reality”. In this case, it makes it possible for us to be able to observe our native wild animals up close. the Virtual 3D models are rendered according to detail and mockup. All you need to try it is a smartphone or tablet. Of course, our augmented reality animals are not as demanding as their real species and you can make them appear anywhere, whether indoors in the living room or outside in the garden or in the woods.

wild animals in picture

There are four different AR animals: WolfAnd lynxAnd Sage And the moose. These species can be roughly divided into large carnivores and large herbivores, also known as megaherbivores. They all have in common that they were once located in Germany and that they make an important contribution to a healthy ecosystem.

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For each of the four augmented reality animal species, pop-up fields of information reveal, for example, why the lynx is a master of camouflage, how you can recognize a wolf’s paw imprint, why bison dung contributes to increased biodiversity or why they sometimes dive several meters deep. .

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Wild Germany with a difference

The background to this measure is the return and spread of large wild animals within Germany. Through conservation efforts and resettlement projects, more and more large wild animals are invading their ancient habitat in Germany. While wolves are increasing in numbers and there are gradually more lynxes, large herbivores such as elk and bison are still just beginning to come back.

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Acceptance is everything and the end of everything

We support the return of animals to their original range. It’s proven that an essential part of the job is to create acceptance. In order to achieve acceptance with regard to large predators such as wolf, lynx, large herbivores bison and elk, it is important to impart knowledge about the species and its areas of spread. This also includes reducing fears and making preparations for the return of wild animals, for example with funding from the European Union Interreg Projekt Łoś Bonassos Crossing! and the EU-LIFE Projekt EuroLargeCarnivores. This is the only way to avoid conflicts between humans and wild animals and to create a peaceful coexistence.

Understand the other

Knowledge is a key concept in this context. We can only appreciate and protect what we know! Everyone can interact with our augmented reality animals Intensely and playfully deal with wolf, lynx, bison and elk. So not only can you take great pictures with timid wild animals, but there is also a lot of interesting information to learn about individual animal species and what makes them so special. So virtual wild animals brings fun to everyone in the family.

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You can also find one here tutorialWhich tells you all the important functions when you try it.

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