“We are unique,” ​​say four founders, we are building a startup and focusing on exponential technologies using SNGLR.

A Zug startup falls outside the box in an interesting way in terms of direction, business model, and business model.

It is known that with the successful technologies of yesterday even large companies can collapse without hindrance, and everyone knows examples.

It is also known that one can maneuver oneself to the abyss using exponential technologies – these are the new digital technologies, today and tomorrow. Technologies alone do not create winners, but they do open up great portals to new horizons and worlds. For those who understand, use, and learn to master artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, or completely different actors of the engines of digital growth. The startup SNGLR wants to make an active contribution to this.

Startup SNGLR brings exponential technologies under one roof

SNGLR Group is an exceptional startup in many ways. It starts with the parachute mentioned above under which all relevant exponential techniques are augmented. However, the sponsors themselves are extending this ceiling wider than usual. The team of eleven experts from seven nationalities is spread across three continents – based in Basel, Zurich, Zug, Berlin, Budapest, Rome, Boston and Dubai.

One might casually say: It doesn’t matter where the brain works, our roof spans the globe, and we work in a net and dispense with the smell of stables. Founding partner Dr. Patrick Suter Express this more precisely and mean:

“We walk our way and organize ourselves as an exponential company, which means that expansion is achieved through technology and a global network of partners, experts, and influencers, not through large office spaces and complex hierarchies.”

The startup describes the company as “a unique combination of technology experts and software developers, venture capital investors, and strategic and digital consultants for exponential technologies”.

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Founders and the team

The four founders of SNGLR say the business outlook for its year of inception is strong, despite the challenging macroeconomic environment.

According to the startup, alongside the founders, a diverse team of exceptional experts will come with deep experience in the technology sector and successful global careers as entrepreneurs, tech investors or in management positions in large companies.

Big assignment for three business units

Klaus Comermeer, Serial investor, co-founder and CEO of SNGLR Capital, describes the startup’s mission environment in the following words:

“I have been actively investing in the technology environment for 12 years and I have a feeling that today we are entering a phase never seen before. I’m just as excited as I was in the ’90s when the digital revolution started. But this time we are moving much faster and in a greater direction towards individuation. “

SNGLR starts with three business units. On the one hand, SNGLR Digital, a strategic and digital consulting firm. The other is SNGLR Capital, which is a venture capital investment fund focused on the continuity and mobility sectors. And third, SNGLR XLabs, a technical laboratory in which solutions are developed for partners, customers, and for internal use. Brief picture of the three units:

SNGLR digital

According to the startup, you don’t want to pursue the short-range hype, the long-range show should be, in the next and next room except for one. Dr. Daniel Demers, Digital, fintech and blockchain expert on the topic:

“Exponential technologies are often mocked at first, but once the curve gets steep, most executives are inundated with what’s happening on all fronts at the same time.”

With a strong focus on technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain as well as augmented and virtual reality, the arguments of the professionals must reach clients and have an impact.

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SNGLR Capital

While advice should focus on clients, their priorities and concerns, SNGLR Capital is an in-house venture capital fund that invests in exponential technologies and focuses on two main themes: longevity and vitality, smart cities and smart mobility. Med. Eszter TanczosThe partner in the fund explains:

Since the 1990s, I have focused on pushing the frontiers of medicine today. My own company, which I successfully ran as a founder through initial public offering through to exit, has developed a synthetic fabric for patients. It looked revolutionary at the time, but it was a small step in a long journey. “

Prasad RamakrishnanPartner for smart mobility, based in Boston, USA, and adds:

“My industrial background includes classic car manufacturing, electrical engineering, energy and supply chain improvement. All these different areas are in the foreground today when we talk about mobility in the future. If you think Tesla was the last great innovation in this field, you will be surprised what lies ahead. I am really excited to be able to work on this topic and with this team today. The way we live and how we move from A to B will change dramatically in the next five to ten years. “


Co-founder and CEO of XLabs, Luca Sambucci, A seasoned cybersecurity expert, heads the SNGLR Group’s technical laboratory, with a special focus on artificial intelligence. Sambuchi on the lab mission:

“This isn’t the first startup. I’ve built many tech companies in the past, and the truth behind exponential technologies is that you can talk, search, and article about them all day long, but it always takes someone who can look deep into the engine room when you want to understand what’s really going on. This will be my personal mission and that of my colleagues here at SNGLR XLabs. “

What makes this startup interesting

The company officially begins today, as a group, consolidating its three business units under SNGLR Holding AG Together, they are based in Zug. However, as described, under one great roof, preachers of various disciplines are scattered throughout the world.

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The topic is complex and the goals are ambitious. The team and founders are a strong force, all of whom are senior professionals with experience, competence and background. So it is not a startup in the usual sense, because most of those calibers are on the advisory or board of directors. At SNGLR, these professionals come together in labs, venture capital funds, or in consulting at the forefront. abnormal. And interesting.

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