We finally know what this trendy AI-powered tool is for

Now, the new trendy AI tool, Rabbit R1, reveals its key features and benefits.

It doesn’t “replace your smartphone,” but it turns out to be a pretty effective travel companion. More so than the AI ​​Pin, which was heavily criticized when it was launched just a few days ago. The Rabbit R1, a gadget powered by generative AI, is now available and is already the subject of much interest from the American professional press, after making a splash at the recent CES.

The first reviews are done, and we finally know the purpose of this little creature, which has chosen a bright orange casing, but with a deep black screen. Beyond the hardware aspect, what interests us here is undoubtedly the software functions.

Useful yet simple tool

It would be an exaggeration to say that it was expected at the turn because we are still skeptical about the real interest of this type of product in everyday life. However, it knows how to do a fair number of things, and it does them relatively well thanks to its internal artificial intelligence.

Rabbit R1 can thus analyze what is happening in front of you thanks to a small video sensor on the front, describe a scene to you, or even give you ideas for meals if you are staring into the fridge. The “helpful” side is highlighted in this way, and it has nothing to be ashamed of, as its answers are often satisfactory, according to the American media. the edge And Mashable. You can also ask it to note important items – which you can then find on the device's screen or via a web app accessible on a PC.

Its connection to some popular transatlantic services also makes a difference. Spotify is there — even if you obviously have to say the artist or song title you want to play, just like Uber to quickly request a ride. And that’s about it.

Thanks to the promises of its very talkative CEO, the Rabbit R1 could become a constant companion, especially as AI models improve and new features arrive — like calls, text messages, or compatibility with other popular apps.

But the danger for this box, a kind of ChatGPT in the palm of your hand, lies above all in the vision of the competitors imagined by the manufacturers of connected products, which ultimately makes the colorful proposal of the rabbit obsolete. After all, the Rabbit R1 looks like a miniature version of a connected speaker equipped with a sensor. Amazon or Google will soon come to compete with it.

But unlike AI Pin, Rabbit R1 remains somewhat affordable, priced at $199, and requires no subscription. Thus, you have the freedom to add a Sim card of your choice or connect it via WiFi (via your phone's modem mode for example) to take advantage of the Internet.

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