Worthy extra tools: a smart collar for your dog?

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(Editor’s note: FTF News He was fortunate enough to spend time with Terry Anderton, founder and CEO of Wagz, the company that launched the Wagz Freedom smart dog collar, which sold for $249.00. The device does not use electric shocks to prevent the dog from wandering. Instead, this dog collar applies more humane ways to prevent your pet from straying into danger. The company showcased its displays at the Pepcom Show in New York last month, which showcased gadgets including elements of smart home technology. This post – in Q&A form with Anderton – is another in my series on the tools you can spend your reward on. This smart collar can also be useful for employees who work remotely and who need to keep an eye on their pet dog.)

Q: Can you analyze how the hoop works?

Wagz collar on dog

Dog with a smart collar

A: The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is the world’s only shock-free virtual containment and wellness system for pets. Using shock-free geofencing technology and real-time GPS [Global Positioning System] Monitoring, Freedom Smart Collar humanely redirects your dog or corrects its behavior using vibration, audible sounds and ultrasonic sounds.

Users create and store geofence boundaries in the Wagz app, where they can customize and create multiple geofences. Limits may include restricted areas (restricted areas) such as swimming pools, decks, patios, or gardens.

If your dog is new to border training, it is a good idea to turn off all corrections from the start, which can be made in your Wagz app. The first courses will require a leash.

Additional features include:

  • GPS Location Tracking: Never worry about losing a puppy again with a collar that lets you locate it within 10 feet. It’s peace of mind on the card.
  • Mapping for fitness: A system that tracks the route, distance and duration of all your adventures. Log walking, running and hiking tours to monitor your fitness goals.
  • Activity and Wellness TrackingHealth & Happiness Score uses bedtime, exercise, and breeding time to help you monitor your pup and be proactive in adjusting care.
  • Kognition patented platform: Ask Alexa what’s going on with your puppy. Give your dog a sound with a system that turns his day into useful information. Kognition’s patented platform integrates with other smart technologies to make it easier to know where you are, how much exercise you have, or what you need.

Q: Are the vibrations enough to warn a dog not to cross unseen barriers?

A: All pet containment systems require a pet owner to train their dog to stay within specified limits, and with the Wagz Freedom Collar, the pet owner will learn and train the dog to respond to corrections.

Sound and vibration training has proven to be a very effective and humane way of communicating with and training dogs. However, because no two dogs are the same, there is no definitive way to train a dog. The pet owner should use a “best for my own dog” approach and is encouraged to consult a vet.

Pet parents should always use the patches that work best for their dog. It can be one of the sounds, be it beeps, vibrate, or a combination of all three! With the Wagz Freedom Collar, pet owners have the flexibility to use any of the three patches depending on what works best for their dog.

Q: The Wagz website says the Freedom Smart Dog collar is sold out. Is there a shortage in the global supply chain causing this? When will there be enough supply to start selling them again?

Terry Anderton

Terry Anderson

A: Due to high demand, the Wagz Freedom smart collar is temporarily sold out. Wagz was thrilled with the positive response and interest the contract received. The item is set to return in June and will offer improved cellular coverage, battery life, new app features, and more.

We will let you know when it becomes available again. In the meantime, readers can sign up for a waiting list to take advantage of the discount on their total orders (excluding subscription) once the necklace is back in stock.

Q: Will you provide a cat collar?

A: The Wagz Freedom Smart Collar is currently only offered for dogs 15 pounds and over, but we’re always exploring new ways to meet the needs of pet parents to create a fully connected lifestyle. We’ll be sure to keep in touch with any new updates that will be announced!

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