We saw a prequel to ‘Evolver’, the virtual reality movie co-produced by Terrence Malik

The brilliant director of “Une Vie cachée” is also a product that is being attracted by new technologies. The proof is “Evolver: Prologue”, a virtual reality experience presented by Orange in Cannes.

Imagine the cosmic sequence of “Tree of Life”, the Palme d’Or in 2011 in virtual reality… Orange presented at the Cannes Film Festival the prelude to “Evolver”, a VR movie produced in particular by Edward R. Owner. Oculus Quest 2 VR headset on the eyes, we dived inside the human body, and observed our heart beating in unison with music composed by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, songwriter, singer and programmer Elliot Cole, in collaboration with the acoustic band Roomful of Teeth.

Produced by the Marshmallow Laser Feast collective inspired by the medical data of digital medicine pioneer Fraunhofer MEVIS, the experience was fascinating, transcendent and even, and we’re not surprised to find in the credits as co-producer Terrence Malick, an author who’s always on the lookout for new visual and narrative avenues. The director of Red Line collaborated with Sam and Edward R. Pressman for this project. An old travel companion from Texas, the latter produced his first feature film, “Badlands” in 1973.

“What makes us so excited about ‘Evolver: Prologue’ is that it offers hope for a future where art, technology, and our consciousness blend in a symbiotic relationship. The creative team is putting out radically innovative ways to deliver a revolutionary experience. Working with Terry has once again been an amazing journey,” said Edward and Sam Pressman. Another one and we look forward to the continuation of the project.” French virtual reality studio Atlas V, one of the pioneers in this field, is also associated with the project. After watching a three-minute introduction, we can now wait to experience everything, which should be possible in 2022. For curious moviegoers interested in new experiences, “Evolver: Prologue” is distributed exclusively on the Orange platform, immersive now.

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