Apple Car will be equipped with VR headsets, but without windows

The Apple car is once again in the news with a new patent that is unusual to say the least. Inside, the Cupertino company details a virtual reality helmet system for passengers that can turn the travel experience into something more fun, like chasing down zombies. But above all, the car will not have windows.

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Sometimes we associate news with science fiction, but seldom do we associate it with miserable acts. However, it is this feeling that gives the latest patent discovered regarding the Apple Car. The patent that caused a stir on social networks, as the concept you describe is surprising. In fact, the document displays A car without any windows, but with VR headsets.

Since then, many Internet users have imagined that the car will be controlled thanks to a virtual reality helmet – precisely because there are no windows – and this is the impression that the image below gives. below. In fact, that hasn’t been the case since then These helmets are actually for commuters, which will therefore not be in the driver’s seat. If we can drive well with our iPhone and Siri, we will therefore have to wait a little longer to do so in VR.

Apple vr car headset
Credits: US Patent and Trademark Office

No, Apple car does not work with VR headset

So this VR headset can have multiple uses. For professionals, for example, will allow Attend video conferences Or consult the documentation. During this time, other passengers can use it Watching movies or playing video games. Moreover, the latter can constitute an experience in itself.

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In fact, Apple describes a system that will adapt to the driving of a car Generate haunted scenes, or even zombie invasions. The company even plans to incorporate 4DX technology to send air over the passenger’s face and thus simulate the wind…in the absence of windows for that. That’s what the design presented in the document suggests, very different from the one we saw at the end of 2021.

This looks more like the picture above, except thatApple took his windows. In short, it’s closer to a Magic Mouse, in a darker place. Let’s keep in mind that this is just a patent and it does not allow us to state with certainty the functions of the car. Therefore, we will have to wait until at least 2025.

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