We tried to solve an escape game puzzle in Brioude’s media library (Haute-Loire)

“An avenger rages in the media library building, find the book he’s hiding in and get out of the room!” The decor is by Raphalle, who serves as a civil servant at the media library. Adrenaline is on the rise… For the first time, I’m participating in an escape game, with Marin, my teammate for a day.

Immerse yourself in the game

Room doors open. Outside, armed with a walkie-talkie, Raphael warns we have 45 minutes to solve the mystery in the book. She slipped before plunging us into this “come alive” spot. The room is dark. Painful music greets us.

Every Tuesday budding detectives in Brioude (Haute-Loire) are expected to solve a mystery

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Spider webs are plentiful… insects too. But time passes. If we don’t want to stay locked up, we have to look for clues.

Don’t waste time

What do you start with? The stairs near the entrance? There is a manual present with a box protected with a lock. We think it ‘must matter later’. Raphalle’s first advice was heard through the walkie-talkie, “Look carefully for the clothes stored in the room.” Bingo. New guide calling for others. They lead us to a book in which a mystery hides within.

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A computer in the back of the room…

There are lettering on the edges of the pages, and they seem to indicate the side of the book. “Help yourself from the glass wall, the details are provided. In fact, we have confirmation that the coast of the book is the key to moving forward. The computer in the back of the room is our next stop. The stretch is protected by a four-character password.” We have to enter the coast as a word Passing, a few seconds pass … Great, the computer is open.

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Under that same annoying music, the walkie-talkie clicks and the pressure increases: “You only have 10 minutes left.” The book has not been found yet, investigations must continue. “I found a key! My teammate cheers.

complex maze

Suddenly, the first discovery comes to mind: the chest near the entrance. The key enters the lock, the box opens, a very damaged book appears, amazed. “Congratulations, you found the book, but can you get out of the room? Solve the computer puzzle. Time is running out, and the computer mystery is a complex maze. It is very difficult to solve in such a short time, we are definitely stuck.
A family I met before warned me, “We weren’t expecting this, it was such an escape game, because it wasn’t so easy.” In fact, neutralizing the God of Vengeance was by no means a picnic. Knowing that players can conduct further investigations to thwart the mystery. Amateur notice!

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