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ARD Mediathek: Long-known bugs

But what really happened there? Usually, it is a placeholder for an asterisk in the application’s program code with the destination address of the specified media library * The app only opens content from this link target. However, it seems that the developers have simply forgotten about this important addition in the update and just stored an asterisk at the point in the code? Resulting in the app now controlling all web links. If you now click on any link in Chrome on your Android smartphone, ARD media library will always be presented as an app to open? Annoying.

The broadcaster has already received a receipt for expiration, like many negative comments in Reviews in Google Play Store Pretending. Especially embarrassing for ARD: The bug has been known since the update was published on December 18th and has yet to be fixed. After all, the mailer provides In the help area A solution ready to fix the problem for now.

Solution: Change Android Settings

To prevent ARD Mediathek from capturing all links, proceed as follows: Switch to the one on your device Settings. The following options have different names depending on the device. Go to Applications and notifications Or for Applications Or for Application information. open the ARD Media Library And select it in the following list Open by default or Set as default Outside. Select the option under the option “Open supported links” or “Supported URLs” The app should not open any links or In another app (confirmation). After that, the app is no longer associated with the links. You can, of course, choose a drastic solution to the problem: just delete the app from your device and wait for the developers to fix the problem.

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