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Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part 2 Executive Producer Mardi Stratton says he is happy with the acquisition ID software, Part of the Bethesda collection, provided Microsoft, Because that’s what I consider them The best in the square.

Stratton touched on the issue in an interview with Pierbolo Greco during a presentation on Doom Eternal’s new expansion prior to the formalization of the acquisition, in which he responded to a request to comment on the event:

The Microsoft issue is so exciting for all of us, we can’t be happier. If you have to buy someone, it is always important to see and appreciate their successes and goals … and we have been purchased by the best, and accessing new and different resources, new ideas is very exciting so we can share what we do and see what they do.

Stratton later stated that he could not say further because, as already mentioned, the deal was not yet closed:

I can not say much as the acquisition is not yet complete, so we are still in the process of anticipating the event: this is the stage we can not wait to start, but I hope it will be a fantastic experience, everyone on the team thinks the same as me.

Doom Eternity: Ancient Gods – Part 2 – A Game Movie

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