OnePlus: Leak reveals the first data on the smartwatch

OnePlus will introduce new devices in March 2021. In addition to the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro phones being offered, the OnePlus Watch will come. The massive leak allows for a first look at the technical data. Are you as excited as an arc of speed? Then let’s take a look at everything! But always remember: These reports must be treated with caution, and the information is not necessarily correct.

Charge 20 minutes for one week of running time

to me Leaking Users should be able to expect to order a 46mm disc and warp charge. Behind the Warp Charge is the ability to charge the battery for a week in just 20 minutes. The dial should be round, and the silicone strap holds the watch on the wrist. Protection class IP68 ensures dust and water resistance. The storage space is likely 4GB, but the operating system and processor are not yet known.

No more fitness complaints

The OnePlus Watch should enable automatic training detection, swimming mode, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and stress tracking. If you want to listen to music while training, you can do it via smart watch, if you want to briefly tell your friends or family after your workout that you don’t need an oxygen tent, you can choose the call option. Answering incoming calls should of course also work for the course, as well as reading messages. The form should appear in black and silver. The OnePlus Watch marks the OnePlus debut in the smartwatch segment.

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