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The new iPhone 13 will be presented by Apple on Tuesday, September 14 at a special event streaming from the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California at 7pm (Italian time).

Apple’s summer events have traditionally been highly anticipated by researchers and technologists – and those interested in replacing smartphones – because they show the most important news and provide good hints on Apple’s plans for the future. The richest companies in the world. The company makes hundreds of billions of dollars a year, especially thanks to the iPhones, but has been handling it for some time The reason in the tribunal And unreliable inquiries, which may prompt you to reconsider some of its business policies, begin to apply in the App Store.

According to tradition, Apple did not provide previews of what will be offered on Tuesday, but in recent weeks a lot of information has been spread on tech sites and beyond, but rather detailed information about iPhones and new products is coming.

IPhone 13
Apple should call the newer models “iPhone 13”, although in recent months it has been speculated that this year’s versions may be called “iPhone 12S”, the company usually uses the “S” to refer to the intermediate versions of smartphones, those with fewer innovations.

Same amount
Experts expect the classification of new models to gradually resume last year, with screen sizes and capabilities gradually increasing: iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Aesthetically, the newer versions are almost identical to last year’s models, although the new iPhone 13 may be slightly thicker than the iPhone 12. Less slippery And improve its grip, but there are not many other details about this change.

IPhone 12 (Apple)

Ming-chi Guo, one of Apple’s analysts, provides generally reliable information on the company’s plans. Reported Newer iPhones will use a new type of screen (LTPO), which allows you to reduce battery consumption and at the same time increase the frequency of updates (up to 120 Hz), which improves the display of content and especially the performance of video games.

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A similar screen is already used in Apple watches and made it possible to keep the watch face always on. A similar feature should be present on newer iPhones, for the first time: when you are not using the phone, the screen will always show time, battery status and notifications.

Photo tool
The penetrating presence of the various camera lenses already seen in the models of previous years will be present in the newer models, but according to some Improvements The system is covered with a glass to better protect the lenses, while at the same time hiding the presence of multiple lenses.

iPhone 12 Pro Max (Apple)

The iPhone 13 Pro is on par with the more powerful iPhone 13 Pro camera on the Mac, thus minimizing the differences between the two models than has ever happened with previous versions of the iPhone. The ultra wide angle lens has been additionally modified with an improved focusing system.

Subject to changes, a new functionality is offered to improve the rendering of photos taken at night in the galaxy.

Newer iPhones will have more powerful modules for use 5G signal In the new high-speed cellular networks, some functions were previously only available in the United States, which will be extended to other countries to speed up connections. There are also reports of the iPhone 13’s ability to receive satellite communications, but only for emergency news.

Various iPhone 12 models launched last year showed a slight reduction in battery life due to the addition of 5G. The new iPhones 13 will have a slightly larger battery, which will make the newer smartphones slightly heavier than their predecessors, but will solve the problem.

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For the first time, iPhones will be sold in one Version with 1 TB (1 terabyte, equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes), are generally reliable, according to some researchers.

The A14 Bionic processor fitted to various versions of the iPhone 12 is currently one of the most powerful processors, so its successor is expected to be available on the iPhone 13 under the name A15 Bionic and it is expected to be an evolution of the current model.

The new line of the iPhone 13 continues to use cables with lightning connection for their charging and data transfer via cable. Apple’s proprietary system will no longer be replaced by the USB-C standard, which is now used by most smartphone and other device manufacturers.


In recent months, Apple has updated its iPad Pro, while not delivering much news on its other tablets. The new version of the iPad mini and the basic model of the iPad are long overdue. It is unclear whether both devices will be offered during Tuesday’s event or during the surprise presentation thereafter, as has happened in the past between October and November.

iOS and other
Apple will announce the release dates of the latest versions of its operating systems, features provided in late spring and early summer. News includes: iOS 15 for iPhones, WatchOS 8 for Apple watches, TVOS 15 for Apple TV, MacOS Montessori for Mac and iPods 15 for iPods.

Apple Watch7
In recent weeks, major tech sites have reported that the new Apple watches expected for Tuesday’s event will have a newer, less rounded design than those maintained for a few years. They will have edges like the one that was re-introduced last year with the iPhone 12. The dials should also be larger by a few millimeters, for smaller version and larger version.

A hypothesis on the design of the next Apple Watch 7 (9to5mac.com)

Production of the new Apple Watch experienced some recession during the summer months, requiring some updates to the production lines due to a design change. So Apple may not decide to announce or offer new smartwatches, however, it does report longer delivery times than usual.

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There should not be any other specific news judging from the developments published in recent weeks. After announcing already during the year and affecting many models of its computers, Apple is not likely to provide any news related to Max.

The event will air online at 7pm (Italian time) and can be followed on the Apple website or directly on YouTube.

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