What are the most anticipated games launching in 2023?


There is no doubt that 2022 has been a great year for gaming and that the sector has grown even stronger as the most popular form of entertainment. Titles launched this year such as God of War Ragnarök were huge hits and illustrate just why so many people now love to play games. The diversity present in modern gaming also shows what a fine place it is in currently and new ways in which it could progress.

Of course, we have almost reached the end of 2022, which means gamers are looking forward to what the new year might bring. While hardware and tech updates in the sector are likely, it is fresh games which create the most excitement. But which titles are gamers looking forward to the most in the next 12 months?

Betty Bonkers

Whether you choose to play at the best PayPal casino sites online or those who accept other payment methods, online casino play is a core part of the modern gaming sector. This niche has had a stellar year again in 2022 and looks set to enjoy another one in 2023. The eagerly awaited launch of Quickspin’s latest slot ‘Betty Bonkers’ in late January is clear proof of why.

When you look at what this game is set to deliver, you can see why so many people are looking forward to it. For starters, it has a cool 1960’s Las Vegas theme and immerses you in the glamorous showbiz world of the time. This sense of style is complemented by the usual sharp Quickspin graphics and a groovy soundtrack. With an RTP of up to 96% and plenty of bonus features, including Mega Free Spins and Wild Spin, this jackpot slot game is one that should be a real hit in the new year.

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Dead Space (remake)

While there have been some awesome video games to enjoy this year, such as Elden Ring and Card Shark, gamers are already looking ahead to 2023 for the next big titles. One that everyone is talking about is the remake of Dead Space from EA’s Motive Studios. This is planned for a late January release on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X.

When you consider that this is taking one of the most iconic horror games ever made and hopefully making it better, you can see why this title has so much buzz around it. The developers say this new version has been rebuilt from the source material and follows the same storyline. In addition, it is also believed that some new content will make it into the game. With stunning graphics and sound as standard, this is easily a game which people cannot wait to see.

Skull and Bones

If you are wanting to know about the top games coming out in 2023 which people are keen to play, Skull and Bones must be mentioned. Set for a launch in early March on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X, this will be an open world pirate title with plenty of action thrown in. It will also allow you to compete in realistic battles on the high seas, as you try to plunder some booty.

Coming from the team behind Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, it is believed to contain a massive solo campaign which involves you terrorizing the Indian Ocean. Even better, there are set to be PVP online naval skirmishes, where you can battle it out against friends to see who comes out on top. To make this game even enticing, there are even mysterious creatures such as the Kraken to take on.

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Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter is a gaming classic and one of those franchises which always attracts lots of attention. Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for release in June 2023 and game lovers are already getting anxious to play it.

Available on PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox Series X, it is full of colorful characters, special moves and awesome fighting action. This version also has three distinct game modes to enjoy. Fighting Ground delivers some retro old-school thrills, while World Tour has you working your way to being the eventual champion. For multiplayer fight fans, the Battle Hub mode is ideal for taking on your friends to see who is best.

2023 should be top year for gaming

The above games are not only some of the most keenly anticipated games coming up in 2023 but also show what a healthy state gaming is in right now. When you add in titles such as FIFA 24 which should be out towards the end of the year and a new Silent Hill game coming out on an undetermined date, you can see exactly why game fans cannot wait for 2023 to start.

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