What Heilbronn University offers on Girls’ Day

April 18, 2021 11:29 am

Heilbronn Programmierschule 42, HHN and TUM Heilbronn are organizing digital events for girls on April 22nd for Girls’ Day. These include, for example, interactive workshops on energy consumption or experiments with sound effects.

Every year, a girls ’day is held, as schoolgirls taste areas where there are still few women.

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Girls ‘Day – Girls’ Day. Or rather, a day of work aimed at bringing school girls closer to fifth grade into professions and courses in which women are still underrepresented. These include, for example, information technology and natural sciences as well as crafts and technology.

Girls’ Day has been around the country since 2001, and this year falls on April 22nd. Educational institutions also participate in Heilbronn and offer informational events and hands-on workshops as part of Girls’ Future Day. This year there is again a lot on the show, even if it happens digitally due to the aura.

Virtual Reality at TUM

At the Technical University of Munich (TUM) on the Heilbronn campus, interested students will travel to virtual reality (VR) on Thursday. In the lead up to Girls’ Day, participants receive a package with cardboard glasses for a virtual reality tastings, surprises and snacks package. The event runs from 10 AM to 12:30 PM. Among other things, young women must learn how the future works and learn in a digital, networked world, where WLAN comes at home and how running a business can save the planet. In addition, there is an overview of the BA in Management and Technology at TUM Heilbronn with students and lecturers. Registration is via the TUM Heilbronn website and is possible until April 19.

Why isn’t it just men?

From 3 pm until 4 pm, there will be an online event organized by the Programmierschule 42 Heilbronn, which welcomes its first students this year. She tells the women from Team 42 what they especially like about IT and why it’s not true that jobs in this field are only interesting to men. They also present the application process for a programming school. Prior registration is not required.

Experiences, workshops and information

At Heilbronn University (HHN), something happens digitally throughout the day, from 9 am to 4 pm. The presentation includes, for example, the interactive workshop “As an Energy Investigator on the Trail of Energy Consumers”, which aims to stimulate interest in an Industrial Engineering / Energy Management course. The interactive version of “I Pack my Bag” shows what is especially important in logistics management. There are also experiments, for example in the field of mechatronics and robotics or sound and vocal effects. The Young Researchers Initiative offers a workshop from 9am to 1pm for creative inventors who have their own product ideas. All registrations are made online.

Incidentally, April 22nd is also Boys ‘Day, which is supposed to pique boys’ interest in the areas most likely to be associated with women.

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