The best-selling racing game in (US) history!

Sure, Nintendo should congratulate itself every day for releasing Mario Kart 8, in the “Deluxe” edition on the Switch console. Because the video game in question continues to grow in the charts, regardless of the country in question, since its commercialization. So much so that in the USA, the racing game has set a very prestigious record …

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe succeeds … Mario Kart Wii!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is now the best-selling video game in American video game history, in the racing games category. So much for the message to Gran Turismo, Crash Racing, and more from Forza Motorsport! Knowing that the previous brand was owned by … Mario Kart Wii! Yes, Nintendo has become the pioneer of quad entertainment, just as it does in the fighting division, with Super Smash Bros.

« Mario Kart 8 is sixth on the March 2021 Bestseller Book chart. Mario Kart 8 is the best-selling racing game in US history.. This good news anchor for Kyoto said Matt Pescatella. Players’ only problem, with these numbers and sales continuing to be so strong (that is, in the top ten, every week, in every country in the world), it’s not clear why Nintendo is looking into the case of Mario Kart 9 …

There’s still a fairly special episode, recently released on Switch, which is Mario kart Live: Home Circuit, which we only tested here. The augmented reality racing game, with a brand new concept, is very fun, but requires a lot of space (to play with the miniature circuit). Hence – unfortunately – the average sales numbers. At least for Mario Kart’s stamped title.

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