WhatsApp: More protection for cloud backups is in progress

With WhatsApp, people send private messages back and forth and save them in backups. Manufacturers want to make it safer.

W.WhatsApp messenger is widely used and it collects dozens of messages in different chats. So that these digital conversations are not lost if their smartphones are lost, users have the option to save their conversations manually and automatically in backups. They end up in iCloud for iPhone owners and in Google Drive for those who own an Android smartphone; If you are using a new phone after this, backups are available for download. In order to prevent unauthorized access to backups, WhatsApp developers are working according to technology gateway.WABetaInfo“On encrypting cloud backups.”

WhatsApp: Password protects backup over the cloud

In addition to the password for the cloud, users can then optionally select another symbol password for WhatsApp backups. The screenshots posted by WABetaInfo show that smartphone owners must confirm their phone number first. Then a window appears in your typical WhatsApp design, where you can select a password. It must be at least eight characters? And users want to be case sensitive, that’s another tip. Not surprisingly, WhatsApp developers have worked on this feature, given that messenger competitors like Threema have been offering this type of backup for a long time. It remains unclear when the job will come: an official pending announcement.

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