Gender Equality: Are Corporations Really Playing the Game?

“Move lines” tool. Labor Minister Elizabeth Bourne reaffirmed her confidence in the index of professional equality between women and men, on Monday, March 8th. In Figaro.

Established by law ” For the freedom to choose your future career »In September 2018, the Occupational Equality Index should reduce the gender pay gap. So this is the second year for which we have numbers.

Since 2019, all companies with more than 250 employees, and since 2020, all companies with more than 50 employees, must calculate and publish this indicator. There are 4,711 companies that have published their index this year. We are evaluating this last evaluation.

56 companies are under fire

This indicator is calculated on the basis of 4 or 5 criteria – depending on the size of the company – with a maximum of 100: the wage gap between women and men for the same job and age; The distribution of individuals between women and men increases; Distribute promotions. The number of women whose wages increased upon their return from maternity leave and the number of women were among the ten highest paid female employees of the company.

If the index is below 75 points, the company must take corrective measures to reach at least 75 points within three years. If it does not publish its index or if it does not take any action, the company faces a fine of up to 1% of its annual salary.

By studying the companies that have published this index since 2018, we see that 56 companies have an index of less than 75 points for three consecutive years and therefore can be punished. The ministry determines That 300 companies have been officially notified since 2019 and 11 companies have faced fines.

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Continuous efforts

Of the 4,711 listed companies, only 28 scored a 100 index, or 0.6% of the total. The progress to be made can be found in the average indicator through the payroll:

Thus, large companies, which are subject to more scrutiny and benefit from more sophisticated social dialogue, do better than smaller firms. Among the companies that score 100 this year, more than 80% are companies with more than 250 employees.

On the contrary, there is no regional dynamic. There are no more bad students in the south than in the north, more in the east than in the west. Lauser won the department award where professional equality between women and men is the most important. Efforts must be made at heights.

Index criticized

This indicator is however criticized by many organizations. Seven of the eight national trade union organizations Privately published a joint press release March 3.

They request that this tool be corrected “to allow for the effective elimination of wage gaps” as well as “the obligation to achieve a result in terms of equal pay that extends to public service through binding measures”.

Feminism is inherently radical: “Feminists threw suffrage stones, they did jiu-jitsu.”

Previous January, Terra Nova intellectual foundation was already challenged The Minister of Labor wished to implement two new measures: Adding a bonus to companies that employ a smaller percentage of women part-time than the average for their sector of activity, taking into account a new indicator on the share of women in 20% of the company’s lowest paid employees.

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law ProjectCampaigned by LREM Representative Marie-Pierre Rexen, it was also launched on Monday March 8th with the aim of “accelerating economic and professional equality” between women and men.

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