Whatsapp, new support for stickers: richer and improved user experience

Whatsapp is ready to provide the best experience of using stickers. Here's what's new and how to make the most of it.

Share it It is one of the most talked about apps due to the many updates that keep coming in practice. To improve and always provide good user experience, Developers are really working constantly To guarantee functionality that is always current, updated, error-free and delivers the best.

What's New Whatsapp Sticker Support (Computer-idea.it)

An example is the recent update regarding new support for stickers. Support that many users have already experienced, it is useful and interesting and above all, efficient Provide better service than usual. Let's find out what this great news is and what to expect in the immediate future and beyond.

New Support for Whatsapp and Stickers: What Changes?

One of the recent WhatsApp updates involved New support for stickers. A support that allows users to enjoy advanced stickers with more complex and more dynamic animations. Lottie support was previously announced, but now appears to be in the works I release quietly.

What changes in Whatsapp for stickers (Computer-idea.it)

However, those who own it won't fail to notice the difference, a mode that allows for more fluid animations, more dynamic transitions and graphics that overall look decidedly sharper and more pleasant to look at. Visit official store to get new Whatsapp stickers Click on the “I'm a girl” sticker It's part of the new packages, obviously and free as always.

It was, in fact, the first set ever created with loti structure So we can demonstrate many benefits that can be gained through the new support developed by Whatsapp. This is an innovation that should gradually lead users to download more and more packages Share animations that are rich in interactions and more fluid than everEven old ones that are updated over time.

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All for a uniquely elevated experience of course (At least for now) what can be with other messaging apps. This will put Whatsapp a step ahead again. To enjoy the first package (if you can't find it), you need to install the latest updates regardless of your operating system.

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