WhatsApp, Revolution begins to come up again: Surprising news

WhatsApp is launching a revolution to restore consensus in the competition. Let’s take a look at the amazing news that comes with the messaging app.

All news about the messaging application (via screenshot)

The desperate attempt continues Share Through the application, to continue to receive the support of the competition Starts a revolution. In fact, that’s how we saw the app in recent days Facebook group Loses consensus in favor of competitors Telegraph e Signal. The new terms of service, which force users to share data with Facebook, have angered users. We see in many discoveries WhatsApp Games.

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Has actually decided to introduce the news app Due to mini games. First Game of names, Which gets its name from the popular TV series Game of Thrones. In this game there must be one player who has to write a name and the next with the last letter of the previous one. For example, if one player chooses Marco, the next must choose a name that begins with “O”. Then we have “Guess the object“, It involves making a photograph of an object as concise as possible, and then the participants have to guess what it means.

The third game Truth or challenge, Where a player must choose a fact or challenge. In the first case the contestant must answer another participant’s question honestly, in the second he will have to do a challenge instead, and finally send a photo or video to show that he has faced the challenge. We finally see “Create a topic“, Players will have to rely on their expertise in movies and TV series to compete.

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WhatsApp, not just Revolution: Beware of scams

WhatsApp Revolution
All the dangers of messaging (Photo: Getty)

He said Share It has started a revolution to recover lost users in the past. In fact, the new terms of service are not the only ones to provoke the anger of users Many scams in use. Over the past few days, we have seen how this is developing again Coupon fraud e Good discounts. Here cyber criminals are trying to steal data and sums with coupons for big chain stores.

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But more popular than that Six digit code fraud. In fact, cybercriminals sometimes target Steal the account Of the user. The fraudsters in this case will pretend to be people asking for their personal six-digit code and seeking help. Once the user has provided it, the cybercriminal can activate the poor user’s account. So we always recommend Be wary of news coming from strangers, Because a scam is often hidden behind it.

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