WhatsApp, Super Breakthrough for All Users: A Simple Click

A new trick is ready to help all users on WhatsApp. Now the application can solve the problem with one click.

New trick in instant messaging app (via screenshot)

Mostly on Share We need Delete messages, photos or videos From chat for very different reasons. In fact, we often delete multimedia content precisely to free up space on a smartphone or giga dedicated to the app. But for some reason we often delete this content PrivacyEspecially, when we are sure that we are not in complete control of our cell phone. But there may be a need to remove all this content Only one click. To delete the entire chat, click on the chat in question, then go to the menu Click on the blank chat.

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Chat write and delete only Multimedia contentOn the other hand, there are two ways. First go to the chat menu and delete all links. The second way takes us directly to the chat menu. Next we need to click Settings, location and data. Once here you have to click on ‘Manage space’ and then you will see yourself in front of all your media. To remove everything quickly, go to ‘Select all‘Then Remove and that’s it.

WhatsApp, 7 days news: How to activate them

New feature in messaging app (via screenshot)

There is always a hunger for news inside Share, In particular this is characterized by the many new functions added to the application in 2021. In fact, the developers Menlo Park They also included messages that are only valid for seven days. In short, from today you can only send visible and invited messages for a weekTemporary‘The choice goes on to restart some of the competitors’ similar functions.

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The new tool is very easy to implement and can be used Web version Application. In fact, if a user wants to useTemporary NewsClick on the profile photo of the contact he is talking to and then go to the section ‘Temporary NewsBy clicking here you can, in fact, select ‘Disappearing Messages’ and activate them. By doing so your messages will be Only visible for a week, Before self-destruction.

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