WhatsApp update, how to hide our logins

The feature introduced with the WhatsApp update will allow us to not show the contacts we want while in use.

Photos from the WhatsApp update website for beta testers

WhatsApp update Most interesting is the beta version of the popular instant messaging app. Apps in green are now introduced for those who are testing the opportunity to update the timing of their conversations, and are free to choose which chats to access, even with the exact date of the last access.

The WhatsApp update in question finds the most accurate description on wabetainfo. Reference has been made to version, thanks to which beta testers can now hide the timetables of the last access in chronological order.

This way, for those included in selected chats, with this WhatsApp update, our speakers will not be able to see when we last approached. The choice in this case is wide. We can decide whether to hide our access from anyone or only to a select few in our contacts.

WhatsApp update, what’s in it

Photos from the web

This introduction seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback. In a short time, it is relatively easy to imagine that the feature now described could be included in one of the next updates, which will be distributed worldwide among millions and millions of WhatsApp users. WA is a leader in its field of reference.

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Despite the competition of instant messaging apps like Teletram, WhatsApp is increasingly used. That, too, has been affected by the major change announced by Mark Zuckerberg, who introduced the meta-galaxy like Facebook and Instagram.

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Meta includes the three applications mentioned above, but also includes many other features aimed at enabling virtual and augmented reality and making the lives of many users more enjoyable for the work of companies.

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