Handmade Christmas paraphernalia by volunteers

“Finally we can proudly present our first Christmas gadget!!

Our dwarves, BOBO and BABI, are entirely handmade by our volunteers and some families of our young warriors.

There are those who gave stockings, who filled them with trots, who cut stuffed animals for beards, who made tails, who cut and sewed felt for hats, and who assembled them…and. Then there’s THEM, our little superheroes, who drew the little hearts that serve as a base with teacher Roberta.

The more we look at them, the more we see all the love that radiates from them, starting with their name, which has a lot of meaning to us.

We’ve been working on this for months, but thanks to the help of special people, we’ve managed to reach the huge number of thousands of figurines that you can find, along with our other Christmas paraphernalia, at our December banquets (Trieste, Mogia and Palmanova).

For those who live far away, there will be a possibility to book them and we will soon give you all the information about it.

Meanwhile, we wanted to share with you the change of socks that you gave us with love.

But how beautiful are these #IoTifoSveva statues?!

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all those who helped my mum Marta and dad Paolo in every possible way on this real project, so Leonardo, Cristina, Elena, Sarah S. , Michaela, Sarah M. Grandma Marinella, Giulio, Elena, Arianna, Alessandro, Nazareno, Nonna Rosi, Cristina B., super Nic, the little Franci, Tania, Demian, Roman, Katya, Cristina T., Roberta, Ylenia, Giada. we love you so much !!! “

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This was stated by the leaders of the association

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