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In the last hours an announcement appeared on the WhatsApp account of millions of Italian users entitled: WhatsApp is updating its terms and privacy policy, There is no other way than to ask the platform to accept subscribers New Terms of Use, Effective Monday, February 8th. No wonder: As already mentioned, Full update coming aroundThe user cannot refuse to share their account related information through Facebook Get personalized advertising on a well-known social network. They prove it In the premise Substantial changes madePrivacy Policy. New versionFor example, to improve the experience with Facebook ads and products, we will no longer add a paragraph in which users choose not to share their WhatsApp account information with Facebook (who Current version). However The same notice does not offer any choice: By tapping I accept – it follows – you accept new words starting February 8, 2021. After that date you will have to accept the new terms to continue using WhatsApp. This is a screen shot.


To tell the truth, it must be mentioned Data affected by the change can now be shared on Facebook, As mentioned herein Fog, Account registration information (such as phone number), transaction data, information about services, information about how you interact with other users (including companies) when using our services, information on your mobile device and your IP address. They include information specified in the “Collected Information” section of the Privacy Policy or prior notice or collected with your consent. So there is a difference compared to the past Compulsory sharing of this information at will, Under the penalty for inability to access WhatsApp (with Automatic account deletion after 120 days of inactivity). I to explain the purpose of change New Terms of Service, Often updated (who Instead of the current version). Unpublished paragraph links Companies receive information from WhatsApp Facebook companies, and share information Providing additions This allows the user to link his WhatsApp experience with other products of a Facebook company Ensure safety, security and integrity In the products of a Facebook company and Improve ads and user experience Related to products that are part of Facebook’s products. Further Another page Faq Reads: Facebook does not automatically use your messages to affect the ads you see Businesses may use chats received for marketing purposes, including Facebook advertising. In other words, when it was in 2014 Insured The operating system will continue to operate independently after the acquisition of Menlo Park, and will soon become unusable if authorization to send its data to the social network is denied.

Great project

With WhatsApp having absolute leadership in the field of instant messaging, mass flight is not possible by subscribers to other services. For example, consider taking the stage on New Year’s Day More than 1.4 billion voice and video calls worldwide: An unprecedented number in a single day, with an increase of about 50% compared to last year. So his significant role is impossible More than 2 billion users in total The opposition decides to stay away from communications with friends and relatives. It’s not uncommon to find ads advertised by companies you’ve previously chatted on WhatsApp on your Facebook feed since February 8th. But it is a Intermediate step. Mark Zuckerberg’s ultimate goal is to really get started WhatsApp Bay, Coming to Italy soon. You can join the user at all stages of the purchase process: first contact with the merchant (on WhatsApp), product promotion (on Facebook), until the end of the contract (again on WhatsApp, thank you New shopping cart function). The company’s profit will double: On the one hand it comes from the sale of extreme targeted ads on Facebook, on the other hand from the collection of one Percentage of each transaction made On WhatsApp (in the form of what is already happening with normal payments by credit card). An ambitious plan that could become a reality in 2021.

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