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A hypothetical competition is currently running rounds on WhatsApp. Security experts warn: Stay away from the show, as it is a malware that also targets your friends and family in Messenger.

Very tempting, but not trustworthy, she is currently a competitor making the rounds on WhatsApp. The text promises the opportunity to get a new smartphone if you download the necessary application. Problem: According to ESET, the message link leads to a fake Google Play Store, where you can’t find a new smartphone, but there is new malware. Disguised as a Huawei phone app (fake). This is especially dangerous because it can interact with your WhatsApp contacts without your knowledge.

If the wrong competition comes to you through one of your contacts, you should definitely not follow the instructions in the letter. At worst, it won’t just have consequences for you. The whole thing seems dangerous to Android users only. You are I switched to iOS Or iPhone users in general, malware cannot harm you.

This is what malware does

If you download the app from the fake store, it will ask you for special permissions. Among other things, you have to agree to install applications that do not come from the official Google Play Store. All alarm bells should ring here. If you still take it a step further, the malware will install itself and ask for additional permissions. For example, to access your notifications and Android direct reply functions.

Other permissions, like ignoring battery optimization and overwriting other apps, pave the way for malware. As a result, the malware remains active in the background and the system cannot terminate it. With these rights, the virus is able to reply to WhatsApp messages without knowing anything about it. Once friends and family members write you a message, the Android virus replies with its competition link and malware can spread. You will only see that WhatsApp has made itself independent upon opening the affected chat.

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ESET security experts currently assume that the virus is primarily used for subscription fraud campaigns and does not cause any additional harm. However, malware can also be used for worse purposes, such as spying and accessing banking data and other sensitive information. To prevent this, you should never click on unknown or questionable links. It doesn’t matter if you received this from a trustworthy contact. We also recommend that you download apps only from the official Google Play Store.

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