WhatsApp: What will happen if you do not accept the new terms and conditions?

After May 15, WhatsApp will not immediately expel users who do not accept the new General Terms of Use (Terms and Conditions). A little flexibility will be allowed, to better try to bring them back.

WhatsApp has reformulated its arguments to better promote acceptance of future General Terms of Use (T & Cs) which will open – among other things – new possibilities for sharing data with Facebook. A revised communications campaign has been launched with the goal of gaining user approval, particularly by showcasing new signage that is more educated in their approach. However, WhatsApp remains very clear on one point: If a user does not accept the new terms and conditions before May 15th, they will not be able to use the app anymore. In fact, WhatsApp introduced a less coercive and more incentive mechanism.

Message received and response pending verification of terms and conditions

In an explanatory email that WhatsApp sent to some of the partners, we learned that users who have not accepted the new regulations after May 15 will be able to continue receiving calls and notifications for a few weeks. However, they will not be able to send messages or make calls themselves. A kind of “last chance” to encourage the most rebellious to accept terms and conditions, if only to respond to an important message received.

On the other hand, if after a few weeks these users do not adapt to accept the new regulations, they will actually be kicked out of the platform – and after 120 days of inactivity – their accounts will end up automatically deleting. The Frequently asked questions WhatsApp has been updated to reflect this process in black and white detail.

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