When Microsoft gives you a date for tomorrow’s meetings – Etienne Scholasse

The future challenge for all companies will be to get all of their employees to work together to implement projects. Due to the length of time working remotely, we are used to holding meetings without everyone physically present. Microsoft has been offering collaboration solutions like Office 365 suite or remote meeting software like Teams for many years. The company just launched a new product based on augmented reality called not. Its peculiarity is to allow participants to participate in meetings in a completely immersive way without being present. It is no longer a matter of being behind your screen and a camera for interaction, but of actively participating in it. I had the opportunity to test this product in the company’s offices.

This technology is based on Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality headset. Three are integrated into the helmet. Infrared camera is used to detect the floor, ceiling and physical objects. Another detects the movement of hands and arms. Third, it records what is happening around you. Microphones pick up speech and speakers reproduce sounds to simulate their position for added immersion.

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