Why does AMD advise against installing the new system

Following user feedback, AMD is asking owners of Ryzen processors to stay on Windows 10.

Windows 11

Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

Windows 11 Definitely want to select wizards Who wants to work with. After the installation conditions were already restrictive enough, we learned that AMD processors would be victims of a bug in the new Microsoft system.

Several users raised performance issues under Windows 11, and AMD was able to confirm the concerns.

AMD Error and Microsoft Error

AMD posted a page to explain the problem. In Windows 11, computers with processors AMD Ryzen There may be performance problems due to two errors.

The first significantly increases the latency of the L3 cache, which is multiplied by 3. This is a real problem, because the low latency of this cache is part of the cost of processor performance. With this error, the processor can access its faster and more basic memory less frequently and easily. According to AMD, this bug can cause 3 to 5% performance drop in popular applications, and Up to 10 to 15% off games used in esports.

Another error is caused by mismanagement of the various processor cores by the computer. AMD reports that there is a problem with UEFI CPPC2 which will require a platform software update and not for Windows 11. So we understand that this bug is more in the AMD camp than in Microsoft, but this is due to a problem that only occurs with the installation of Windows 11. Applications that are sensitive to indicator performance may encounter One or more performance issues. AMD notes that this issue primarily affects processors with more than 8 cores and above 65W TDP.

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Repair under development

Either way, a solution is already in development and AMD hopes to fix everything before the end of October 2021. The first bug will be corrected by Windows 11 update, developed by Microsoft, while the second error will require a “software” update, which will rather concern manufacturers of AMD and motherboards.

In the meantime, AMD recommends staying on Windows 10 if you don’t want to experience these inconveniences.

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