Why would Apple want to add cameras to your headphones?

This is the big news of the week, as Apple could soon integrate infrared cameras into your AirPods: we explain why.

After the AirPods Max, Apple seems to have covered the full spectrum of audio accessory possibilities. Earphones, headphones, and additional options like ANC (Active noise cancellation Or active noise reduction): The possibilities – whether at Apple or elsewhere – no longer seem so numerous… However, the Cupertino company could soon add cameras to your headphones: is it really a good idea or a useless gadget?

Cameras in AirPods?

It was first introduced by Mark Gorman, a well-known journalist from Bloomberg, Apple's upcoming headphones could include infrared cameras.

The Cupertino company's goal is, of course, to innovate and stand out from its competitors, but also to offer A new immersive accessory for its virtual reality headset. :Vision Pro.

In fact, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, another Apple expert, infrared cameras in particular will be used. Improve audio spatiality To enhance the immersion of the headphone user.

For example, when a user is watching a video on Vision Pro and wearing the new AirPods, if they turn their head in a certain direction, The source of the sound can be emphasized in this direction. To enhance the audio/spatial computing experience. »

Ming Chi Kuo L Medium.com

A good improvement to the helmet that was in need of it.

The Vision Pro was a real flop when it was released… too heavy, too insufficient battery and above all too expensive ($3500), Apple's VR headset adds to fans' disappointments The brand (at least its first version).

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Since then, the Cupertino company has released a new model of its headphones (which corrects some errors) and these headphones will then complete the brand's offer thanks to a more in-depth immersion, but also through Improved controls thanks to the famous cameras Along with those in Vision Pro, it can make the device's understanding of your movements more flexible.

Woman using her Vision Pro with headphones

In short, at the moment, These IR cameras won't matter unless you have the Vision Pro.But Apple might find a use for it for listening to music or podcasts before its release in 2026.

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