In Newburgh, Virtual Reality Helps Seniors Travel

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Escape to the other side of the world, without leaving your chair. This is what the virtual reality workshops organized by Packadom, a system funded by the Ministry of Europe and entrusted to La Poste, offer. These workshops aim to: For people over the age of sixty He lives in Newburgh, Eure.

Two courses are organized once a month. (morning and afternoon) allowing participants to travel in total immersion, thanks to six virtual reality headsets. They are rented by La Poste to the specialist company Lumeen, based in Lyon.

The sound of waves

I sit in the middle of a symphony orchestra, swimming with dolphinsmeditating at a waterfall in Australia, running with sled dogs… In total, more than a hundred experiences are offered, each lasting between 7 and 8 minutes.

” we Truly immersed in 360 degreesBy sound we hear the noise of the waves, the cries of animals, Amelie Girard, Pacadom GuideWe watch a maximum of two videos per person per session. It is very intense for the eyes and the brain. »

Videos: Currently on Actu

The videos then lead to discussion times. “We had a lady who had traveled once in her life, so it was great for her. Sometimes they remind her Memories we will discuss together », specifies the guide.

The host can see on his tablet what the participants are watching. ©SL/Le Courrier de l'Eure

Relaxing effect

For participants, the effect is also relaxing. “Participants say they sleep better afterwards. We even had one person feel that way.” relieve pain “It excites Amelie Girard.

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“Ethically, too, it helps a lot,” he adds. Patrick Roux, Director of Support Services at La PosteIt offers a unique experience for those who can no longer travel.

I think I'm going to be 72 and I've never seen that before!

Catherine Ferry, Participant

Catherine Ferry, From the retirement home Les Violoncelles, in Newburgh, he puts on his virtual reality headset. She is about to experience her first hot air balloon ride. His face immediately lights up. “We didn’t realize it was this big… I think I’m going to be 72 and I’ve never seen that before!” she exclaims in amazement. “It’s amazing,” he adds, “we’ve let ourselves go completely.” Christelle, Caregiver Who accompanies him.

Completely free for participants.However, the workshops are prohibited for people with pacemakers, or who suffer from dizziness or epilepsy.

Virtual Reality Workshops in Newburgh, 3H Every Thursday of the month. Twelve places per workshop. Information and registration via La Poste, at 06 40 23 92 36 or via CCAS du Neubourg, at 02 32 35 61 28.

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