Why wouldn’t James Bond have tools without the Statue of Liberty

To celebrate the centenary of the United States on July 4, 1876, France decided to give him a statue called Liberty Enlightening the World, which is the real name of the Statue of Liberty. He entrusts his design to the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi.

with help Violette Le Duc, the architectural restorer of Mont Saint-Michel and Notre Dame de Paris, and by Gustave Eiffel, Auguste Bartholdi He designs a statue with a height of 93 meters and 225 tons, the origin of his face remains obscure. Bartholdi could have been an inspiration to some His mother, Charlotte, For others of Sarah Koblenzer, the American wife of his best friend, there is a theory that evokes the prostitute Begale nicknamed “Celine the Great”. After all, why not where the Statue of Liberty also receives many visits.

It is clear that the construction of this monument required a lot of money to be transported to America by boat in parts, 350 in total for reassembly. This will take 4 months. So we’re launching subscriptions on both sides of the Atlantic. Sweepstakes, shows, press campaigns, as well as the sale of objects bearing the image of the statue. Among the small copies of 20 cm It was made by founder Emile Gaget, who has his name engraved on it.

When the Statue of Liberty opened in New York, 10 years later, in 1886, he took these miniatures with him to give to prominent New Yorkers, who snatch them away. They ask where he can find their Gaget, which is pronounced the American way of their “tool”. This is how this name was born and this concept of the little things that will delight readers bf It will save James Bond’s life more than once.

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