Will Star Wars Outlaws be game of the year?

A year ago, Ubisoft came up with a surprise with a game set in the sci-fi world beloved by movie fans. that it Star Wars Outlawsan open-world action adventure title that promises to give us a new vision of its cinematic world, as it is the first time that players play a character who does not master the Force.

Today's trailer didn't tell us much about the game's release, since we already know its release date. On the other hand, we were able to see the first real gameplay images, which introduced us to many of the game's environments Star Wars OutlawsAnd the repetitive mechanics and narrative atmosphere of the game that the developers have given us Sequence played and explained. We followed the protagonist from the beginning of the mission to a few stages of its progress.

The first open world in Star Wars

The relationships you form with the rest of the characters can help you unlock useful resources or revise your strategies before achieving your goal. We also got an overview of the ship's navigation. Game star Wars It can't exist without a healthy dose of intergalactic combat. These moments are operable, and it is entirely possible to override or manipulate this option directly Star Wars Outlaws.

In terms of movement, it is obviously possible to survey the planets on foot, but also with Flying vehicle This allows greater distances to be covered. The studio warns that these clips represent an opportunity to discover new adventures. With its expertise in immersive open worlds, we'd expect nothing less from Ubisoft to make its environments come alive.

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Rely on an ally

This is important to note The little companion of the protagonist, named Nyx, an essential element in thief infiltration. Because yes, Kai Face is a delinquent trying to survive by committing crimes and misdemeanors on behalf of others. His little animal can distract enemies, leaving him a free space to attack, or recognize enemies through walls.

In terms of chronology, the action is located Between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Not everything will be borrowed from the world of George Lucas' films, but the new settings and locations, as well as new characters, are in keeping with what the director created 47 years ago. We can especially see the presence of Tatooine, one of the original planets in the films. To discover its other secrets, you will have to wait a few more months. We remind you that Star Wars is an outlaw It will be released on August 30 On Xbox Series

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