Apple will let you use your iPhone…in your Mac

Among all the new features unveiled, iPhone Mirroring promises users the ability to “control their entire iPhone right from their Mac.”

A barrage of innovations has, as expected, taken over WWDC – Apple's developers conference. The American giant took the opportunity to unveil the macOS 15 operating system, a new major version of its operating system for Mac computers, which is called Sequoia, where the functionality is distinguished. iPhone mirroring Make his arrival.

It aims to enhance the connection between Mac and iPhone. Until now, interactions between these two devices have been relatively limited. You can take calls, text or iMessage, and transfer files via AirDrop when it's working properly.

But with macOS Sequoia, Apple promises its users the ability to “control their entire iPhone right from their Mac” thanks to iPhone Mirroring.

With one click

This continuity option not only mirrors the phone's screen, but provides full interaction with it, even without having to unlock it first. This greatly increases security when your iPhone is not within reach. With a simple click, the user can switch from one app to another, and use it just as if they were operating their iPhone directly, using a mouse or Mac trackpad.

During the demo, Craig Federighi, Apple's vice president of software engineering, demonstrated that it's possible to seamlessly drag and drop files between a Mac and an iPhone.

He also noted that once in Continuity Mode, the iPhone no longer broadcasts its audio stream, which is now supported by the Mac's speakers. When a notification comes from your iPhone, a simple tap on it will automatically open iPhone Mirroring, allowing you to manage that notification from your computer.

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