Will the Hollow Master Chief Collection come on other platforms?

It was a long journey, but in the end the guys at 343 Industries were able to solve all the problems of multiplayer Hollow: Master Head Collection, Complete the package and publish it completely on the computer. Now begins a new chapter because the developers do not want to leave it to him.

More than a week Season 5 has begun, With a recent post handed over to the official forum, that they expect to implement some of the changes already planned (bug resolution, a Halo 3 match for February 14th) and some on future flights (the name they refer to as test stages of new features).

Here we come to the interesting part: all Xbox One consoles, options for new control customization and support for mouse and keyboards for consoles, 343 businesses want. Bring Hollow: Master Head Collection “In a new place” And implement “New Ways to Play”.

Very vague terms, they leave enough room for speculation. With what “New place” Did the developers mention it? Halo: Are they thinking of bringing the Master Head Collection to a new platform? The collection already runs on all Microsoft consoles, PCs and Android via X Cloud. It is already included in the Xbox Game Pass. The components available are very short, but there are bettors as well When landing in the epic game store. Someone, more imaginatively, started speculating about Google Stadia. Output is not possible on PlayStation platforms, as well as on the Nintendo Switch (even if it comes in Microsoft IP-Ori-hybrid). In connection with that “New Ways to Play”, Reminding us of the potential support for virtual reality on the computer (Redmond House on consoles has not yet moved into this area). What do you think about this?

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Veronica Tucker

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